Sunlighten 3 in 1 Infared Sauna (Near, Mid and Far Infared combined)

Sunlighten MPulse Infared Sauna:

The world's FIRST and ONLY 3-in-1 Full Spectrum Infared Sauna (available exclusively from Sunlighten)
1-2 person Capacity (suggest someone your close with like significant other, parent or sibling if 2 people going together ($10 off if 2 people go together)

Allows you to take charge of your health with:
--Near, Mid, and Far Infared heaters proven 99% effective
- 6 wellness programs to choose from
(Cardio, Detoxification, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Weight Loss, & Skin health)

-Android powered with smart features on 10.1" tablet

Individual Sauna Session is $30 per session if pay each time or we have package deals if prepay listed below on the right side of this page

1 week trial- use up to 3x within 7 consecutive days for only $50 + tax
Monthly prepay special- prepay monthly to use Sauna up to 12x for only $100 + tax (must use those 12 visits within 30 days of purchase)

$10 off if get Massage or Ear Candling the same day as pay for individual Sauna session

15min Sauna session right before or right after massage for only $15 + tax

Sauna Packages

Prepay 3: 20% off 
Prepay 4: Get 5th One FREE! 
Expire 30days from purchase!

Hour Massage + 30min Sauna booked together same day $80 + tax

Tandem Sauna (You and Your Significant other
$50 + tax)