Tension/ Stress Migraine Relief

Massage does wonders for Headaches! Majority of headaches are caused from tension in neck/ shoulders or build of up knots causing pressure on nerves.  Massage can help with this by really working on neck and shoulders.  We had wonderful results with migraine clients.

Migraine headaches occur when blood vessels around the temples and base of the skull become enlarged, causing a chemical release that inflames the vessels, muscles and nerves in the head and neck. Besides pain, nausea, diarrhea and sensitivity to light can occur and last for hours or days. According to 2006 information on the American Massage Therapy Association website, 45 million Americans suffered from frequent migraines. If you are included in this number, you know how maddening and painful they can be; however, you may not have known that they can be treated by massage.

As a whole, massage therapy has shown to improve many ailments, such as pain, poor circulation and migraines. Studies from the Touch Research Institute indicate that people who receive regular massage have reduced migraine symptoms, increased sleep quality, increased serotonin levels and fewer migraines. There are several different massage therapies that are effective in reducing migraine symptoms

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are painful knots that develop in the muscle due to a build-up of lactic acid or other toxins in the body. Trigger-point therapy works by applying firm-to-deep pressure on the trigger point to release toxins, decreasing and eventually eliminating the knot, which in turn relieves the pain. Although trigger-point therapy is more invasive than other massage therapies and can be a painful treatment, it offers relief to migraine sufferers

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