We are excited to welcome Lana Hofer to our team.  Lana was in dentistry for several years.  She loved helping others in a medical setting but was ready for a change when she found herself taking a passion in skin health.  Lana attended Northern Colorado Advanced Aesthetics Academy 2019 and recently relocated to Sioux Falls.  

Services Lana performs at TMT:  Custom facials such as signature facial, anti-aging, acne facial, yoga facial, Hot/Cold Stone Facial

We use professional Bioelements facial products with all of our facials


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European Facial

European facial is a comprehensive treatment that provides thorough deep cleansing of the face and neck.  First a cleansing is performed to remove makeup and impurities from the face.  We then exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.  An extraction process is done to deep clean the skin.  A mask is then applied followed by a moisturizer and spf.  Don't forget our relaxing steam treatment and massage of face and neck too. This basic facial will leave you feeling cleansed, relaxed, refreshed and completely invigorated.  

Tightning & Toning Facial

A tightening and toning facial includes the basic facial steps.  Discover our multi-action treatment with products specific to dramatically improve and refine your complection. Reinrigorate your skin to look more firm and lifted.  See your skin bloom with a radiantly youthful glow.

Ageless Facial

An Ageless Facial is a customized European facial with products used specifically targeted at fine lines and wrinkles for aging skin.  This facial can even be beneficial for clients in their 30s on up.  You will leave feeling radiant, younger and smoother, softer skin

Hot Stone Facial

We often tense facial muscles especially around the eyebrows.  A facial massage is not just an indulgence, but an essential element.  Refreshing massage with hot and cold stones melt tension and fatigue. Gentle pressure on the cheek, nose, forehead helps decongest the sinus and eliminate exces fluids.  Cold stones help eliminate the appearance of tired eyes, gives firmness and tone to the face, soothes headaches and skin irritations. 

Acne Facial

Acne facial is also a custumized European facial but different products specifically for acne treatment is used.  Often an acne facial is required in a few treatments close together esp in more severe cases.  This custom facial will leave you feeling cleansed and glowing.  You will notice less redness and irritation while getting to see your skin smoother.

Yoga Facial

We all know yoga for our bodies is very beneficial.  We can't forget about our faces.  With a yoga facial, massage is involved to stimulate the muscles, skin and lymphatic system.  This technique is designed to soften and relax your face muscles to help alleviate tension, stress and worry.