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Tween/Adolescent Facial


30-60 minutes

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Designed for adolescent skin, to target stress-related breakouts, congestion
and dullness. With deep cleansing, gentle extraction of unwanted blemishes,
and a stress-relieving Face + Eye Acupressure Massage, it’s a perfect
introduction to start healthy skin care habits and embrace your skin through
the teen years and beyond. In two corrective activity tiers designed to deliver
personalized results with increasing levels of active enzymes.

Take your mind off the daily pressures of school, tests and responsibilities with this transformative facial designed specifically for teen skin – to target stress-related breakouts, dark circles, and
dullness. We’ll help reset your skin with consciously clean, crueltyfree formulas that are full of the good stuff (like natural botanicals), and free of the bad (like artificial dyes). You’ll experience a deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by an unbelievable aromatherapy massage – plus, we’ll gently extract unwanted
blemishes. You’ll see how the right formulas can help you embrace your natural skin and see long term, healthy results.

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