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Call 605-941-2747

Leave us a voicemail if someone does not answer. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. 

7640 S Louise Ave Ste 110
Sioux Falls, SD  57108

We MOVED October 16, 2020!

Cancellation Policy:

TMT understands that things can come up so we only require 3 hour notice to cancel or change appointment time instead of 12 or 24 hour like most places but we do ask that you please respect both our staff and other clients wanting in to give at least 3 hour notice.  Some of our appointments are up to 2hours long and we need time to call our next client or clients on our cancellation list.  You can cancel or move you appointment to a different day or time for free up until 3 hours before your appointment.  Anything under 3hour notice will be charged $45.  No shows with no call at all prior to appointment time is charged full time as our staff came in for that appointment and no other clients could get in 



Tru Massage Therapy was opened by Danielle Schwantes in April 2008. Danielle owns Tru Massage Therapy in Sioux Falls, SD and used to own Danielle's Massage Clinic in Chancellor, SD. She takes pride in helping her clients decrease pain, increase range of motion and decrease stress. Massage helps the muscles recover from injuries, helps you relax and helps the muscles restore back to their original state before injury or a workout.  We work with each client on an individual basis to establish their specific needs and then meet those needs through a thorough and nurturing massage.

Tru Massage Therapy is built on a foundation of providing relief to our clients. All of our massage therapists are fully-licensed and have extensive experience in multiple massage methods. Massage therapy has an endless list of benefits, including reduction in stress and anxiety, relief from soreness and pain, injury recovery, improved blood circulation and much more. No matter what your reason is for coming in, we'll work to make sure you get the results you desire and you leave feeling sublime.

We currently have 3 massage therapists (2 day and 1 evening) and trying to hire.

We offer Massages, Body Wraps, Foot Scrubs & Full spectrum Infared Sauna

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